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"Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world". Maria Montessori
​3-5 Year Old Preschool Class Daily Schedule


Monday - Thursday Daily Schedule:


8:30                       Bell rings - Transition to the classroom  (Walk on the line)                                                       

8:45-10:00           Free Choice                                                        

10:00-10:30         Circle Time  (Curriculum Activities, Calendar)

10:30-11:45         Work Time   (Writing, Language and Math)                                             

11:45-12:00         2nd Circle    (Music)

12:00-12:30         Lunch

12:30                     Nap Time

2:30-3:00              Wake up/snack

3:00-3:30              Play time – Outside if weather permits, If raining, Educational show in math room

3:30-4:00              Free choice

4:00-4:30              PM circle  (Curriculum Activities, Calendar)

4:30-5:00              Story time/Outdoor Play

5:00                        Pick up time



Friday Schedule:        

Arts and Crafts


8:30                        Bell rings - Transition to the classroom  (Walk on the line) 

8:45-9:30              Free Choice

9:30-10:30           Art Project

10:30-11:00         AM Circle time 

11:00-11:30         Yoga

11:30-11:45         Music and Songs

12:00-12:30         Lunch

12:30                     Nap Time

2:30-3:00              Wake up/snack

3:30-4:00              PM Circle Time

4:00-4:30              Free Choice

4:30-5:00              Story Time/One-on-One-Outdoor Play

5:00                        Pick up time


​Summer Program

Summer program starts in June and ends in September. 

Kids learn gardening, cooking, sports, dancing and other enhancing programs on a weekly basis.



Children will be introduced to simple science. They will learn fun science games and experiments. Kids are truly amazed how chemical reactions work and loves to explore.


Arts and Crafts

We will explore the world of arts and crafts. We will have activities that would open their imagination and creativity. It would also help them with their physical and mental development. The activities would include painting, drawing, construction, and even sculpture. 


Music and Dance

Children will be exposed to different types of music and learn some dance moves. This will help them develop a rich sensory environment. Musical experience helps create neural connections.



Children will learn to cook by learning and using different cooking tools, mainly on mixing and shaping. Kids will not be exposed to fire and we will not allow the kids to use real knives. 



Kids will enjoy playing a variety of sports, will learn the rules of the game/s and will learn team work. 


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